In this article, we will go through the steps that one should take while modelling an ER diagram. To understand those steps better we will use an example of a company in the following question: Design ER model of a company database which keeps track of it's departments and employees. The database should maintain information about projects and… continue reading
Slice() method is available for Strings and Arrays in Javascript. It has two optional parameters which we can use in different combinations to get interesting results. It does not make modifications to the original array/string. We can use negative indexes with the slice() method which makes it even more useful. The method returns a shallow… continue reading
Javascript has a number of methods related to arrays which allow programmers to perform various array operations.  There are four methods which are particularly used for adding and removing elements to and from an array. They are: push(), pop(), shift() and unshift(). For an experienced as well as new programmers, its likely to sometimes get… continue reading
Linux commands are cool and fun to work with. Be it ls (to list files) or cd (to change the directory), they are already short and precise. This is one of the reasons we love Linux. However, if you have to repeatedly type a set of commands or a long command with too many parameters, its not fun anymore. The Linux creators were caring enough to… continue reading
There are times when you have your project deployed on a server(lets call it Server PR) and MySQL Database on another system(say Server MD).  The reason for having this segregation could be performance benefit or something else. Today I wanted to do the same in one of my Drupal project. First I tried by simply changing the host and port number in… continue reading